African Artisans

IROKO, TAITA, and TOKA, each of these magnificent objects is made from sustainable materials, painted with natural dyes, and handcrafted by skilled African artisans. 

By outsourcing the production of these accessories, we stimulate communities in South and East Africa and support them in their emancipation. An initiative where women help women. Instead of blindly donating money, we prefer to create jobs for women to stimulate the local economies. This way, they get to earn an honest living under the watchful eye of our local correspondents. 



IROKO - Wooden Trays

Mvule, or to use another common vernacular name, Iroko grows in the tropical regions of East and Central Africa. It is one of the woods sometimes referred to as “African teak”, although it is unrelated to the teak family. The wood colour is initially yellow but darkens to a richer copper brown over time.

Mvule is a large deciduous tree, whose trunk sometimes has small buttresses to a height of about two feet.



TAITA - Baskets

These unique baskets are made out of sisal. Sisal is a natural fibre extracted from an agave plant. The leaves of the sisal plant are used to obtain a fibre which is rolled to twine, The sisal stands are dyed to a neutral sand tone by natural dyes then woven into a basket.

Weaving baskets is a tradition in Kamba & Taita Culture. The main sisal basket weavers come from the remote regions of the Eastern and Coastal province of Kenya.

These baskets are made by Basket Weaver Women’s Groups in the rural villages. Most groups meet every two weeks to weave baskets together, and continue weaving in the meantime at home, on the bus or whilst walking to their neighbours.



TOKA - Wall Baskets

The Toka Wall baskets are handwoven in rural Zambia near Victoria Falls. They are mostly given as wedding gifts to the Toka women. Only the most skilled Toka craftswomen are able to weave these baskets.

The weavers harvest the tough roots of the Makenge bush and boil them until soft then color the roots with natural plant dyes. Each weaver adds one-of-a-kind patterns conveying messages of beauty, marriage and family.

Each basket features the natural tone of the roots with designs woven in black and/or natural rust colours.