THE IRIS - Brussels

We are immensely proud of this styling project, SCAPA Home re-designed the new interior for the wonderful restaurant area of THE HOTEL.⁠

Greens, glassware and natural materials form the base of an organic interior. In collaboration with THE HOTEL, we re-styled the interior design of THE IRIS. 

For the design of THE IRIS, we wanted to create a place where people can connect with each other as well as with the environment. ⁠⁠The soft shades of grey are used as a counterweight to the bright green view of Egmont Park, one of Brussels' English-style parks.⁠

Armchair BRENT

Curved dining & armchair BRENT was designed for THE IRIS. Featured in the different seating areas, BRENT effortlessly helps create a relaxed environment.⁠

Custom design

The custom cushion covers for THE IRIS are inspired by the oriental atmosphere surrounding the Robata Grill, the key feature of the restaurant.⁠

Unique seating areas

⁠The modular design allowed us to create two unique dining settings and enhance the laid-back atmosphere of THE IRIS’ different seating areas.⁠⁠